How to Win a Bidding War

The feeling is familiar enough by now –– the perfect listing comes out and your clients want to buy it.

They know the market is hot, but they really don’t have a sense of how extreme the conditions are right now. They hear the stories, but they (like most) don’t fully grasp how difficult their journey is going to be.

You need to be able to show them.

A more detailed explanation of the tool is available in the short video below.

Developing the Tools

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a tool that could give you good intel on what the bids might look like?

Well, we have one. 

We built a tool that shows the spread of offers so that you, the agent, can show your clients the best strategies for winning bids based on what others are likely to do.

Simple, But No Simpler

Yeah, we get it, this tool seems a bit complex and/or overwhelming –– but guess what? So is our market.

Besides, if you feel this tool is complex, try doing these calculations manually.

The bottom line is that if you spend a minute with the tool you quickly grasp the four incredibly important messages it delivers:

  1. How many sales are occurring ABOVE, BELOW, and AT the asking price
  2. How FAR above or below the asking price the sales tend to be
  3. How much the market has changed compared to days past
  4. How different price bands and areas behave

When markets are as extreme as ours is currently, you have got to be able to make your points quickly and powerfully.

Information = Power

We get it, you never really know what your competition is willing to do in any given scenario, but knowing ‘how many’ and ‘how far’ enables you to make a far more strategic offer than not knowing. 

Informed decision making means better strategies, better results, and of course, a far more effective business. 

Stop guessing and wasting your valuable time.