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Personally, I love new homes.

new homes
The Bellevue Homes Cottage set the ‘per square foot’ record for Chesterfield County st the time of its sale.
New ‘Urban Infill’ is critically important to health of the city core
Diverse architecture is a long ignored segment of the marketplace.
Diverse architecture is a long ignored segment of the marketplace.

That statement needs to be qualified somewhat in that it really applies to a well built, well designed and well conceived new home. Much of what was built post 1980 is really quite poor. Materials, design and craftsmanship have all suffered dramatically as the big builders figured out that the marketplace would accept less than what it should and the lowest common denominator of housing quality became that which defined the market.

Quality builders need to be represented in such a way as to help the buying public understand the elements of the new home.

We like those that build houses correctly and associate ourselves with those that do. While we do not represent these builders exclusively, we have worked with them in the past and will continue to work with them as opportunities present themselves.

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