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Avant Development

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Avant Development was created to build new houses in the mature urban neighborhoods.

Westover Hills is one of the mature urban neighborhoods where a vacant lot can be sometimes be found and built upon.

Seeking vacant lots and other opportunities to create building sites in more upscale settings than the typical redevelopment sites owned by RRHA or BHC, Avant’s mission is to simply build NEW HOMES in older neighborhoods.

Building a new home in a neighborhood where the surrounding housing is 50-100 years old requires respect for the architecture and building materials compatible to the period.  Vinyl siding and wooden front stairs, while commonplace within the suburban setting, is not not acceptable in many of the closer-in areas built with pre-1980’s construction methods.

Focusing on neighborhood such as Westover Hills and Woodland Heights, Stratford Hills, Bellevue and in the Near West End, Avant will creating new home opportunities for those who wish to own something new tucked in an amongst the finest amenities that the City has to offer.