Address // 2600-2619.5 Floyd Avenue
Developer // Bill Chapman | Bill Chapman Enterprises
Architect // Burt Pinnock | Baskervill Archtiects
Graphics // Burt Pinnock and Team
Brokerage // One South Realty Group
6 New Contemporary Urban Infill Homes + 12 parking spaces

A nondescript office building and parking lot became available in the Fan District along Floyd Avenue and ‘nondescript’ and ‘Fan’ do not belong in the same sentence.  With some of the highest ‘per foot’ pricing in the Metro region located in the Fan District, inefficient uses make little sense.

The question became – What should be built?

RenderingsBill Chapman, a local developer known mostly for adaptive re-use projects in many of Richmond’s historic and emerging neighborhoods, secured the property with the intent of developing a row of not just new homes, but new homes which looked entirely different than what Richmond had come to expect from its development community.

Richmond is an extremely conservative architectural town, especially in its older residential neighborhoods.  However, many of the projects underway in the downtown neighborhoods of Manchester, Jackson Ward and Shockoe were historic warehouse renovations where contemporary/modern influences drove the aesthetic.  The market had the opportunity to lease a modern apartment, but scant options existed for a owner to purchase a new modern home.  This lack of modern inventory was felt even more in the mature and engaging walkable neighborhoods such as the Fan, Museum District and Church Hill.

Citizen 6 sought to change that.

With all of the properties sold prior to their completion (5/6 were sold before framing was complete), Citizen 6 was a rousing success and hopefully will demonstrate to RVA that a little diversity in its architecture is not a bad thing…

Renderings Renderings Renderings

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