An Old Richmonder

I am one of the last of a dying breed. I am from Richmond, Virginia. When I say 'from Richmond,' I actually mean, 'from Richmond.' I do not mean that I have been here for the last 20 years. I do not mean that I went to school here and stayed or even that my parents came here when I was 5 and have … Read more about An Old Richmonder

Flexible Neighborhoods

Pretend someone invented a camera that could take a picture of your life. If you took a picture of your life for 5 years in a row, do you think the images would change a little? Not at all? A whole lot? I think we all know the answer. Our lives change rapidly and constantly. Children getting … Read more about Flexible Neighborhoods

A Return to Authenticity

We met with a successful home builder in Richmond Va. last week to discuss the new normal for housing and what 2012 and beyond should bring. He raised an interesting point about the marketplace and the resulting movement. "As Americans, we feel under attack," he said. "Collectively, all of us feel … Read more about A Return to Authenticity