About 10 years ago, we bought a building at the corner of Cox and Nuckols roads near the post office in the Innsbrook Office Park in Glen Allen, Virginia. Initially purchased as part of a partnership, eventually, the partners were bought out and it became the new home of Coleman Jarvis Realty as well as several other tenants.

The pending redevelopment of Innsbrook makes this corner even more strategic

We were attracted to the corner location of the building (visibility) as well as the ingress/egress to 295/64 in peak hours (excellent).  We elected to keep the building multi-tenanted as we did not want to be in a position where the loss of a tenant would be the loss of all income.  As a smaller owner, we also thought it prudent to keep our spaces smaller than the smallest large blocks of space provided by Highwoods and other major property owners in the park.

Despite a few bumps in the road, the building has been a wonderful asset to us and has remained effectively 95%+ leased over the time we have owned it.

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